Thursday, January 27, 2011

Organizing Part 2

It always seems that once you start one project you can't stop - the end feeling is so good you want to keep going so you can keep feeling good!  I have a few places in this house that tend to get messy but since they are behind doors, I just forget about them.  Until I open up those doors and things keep falling out!  Luckily I was feeling inspired from going through my closet that I jumped right in to this project too. 

This is a narrow cabinet right above a built in desk in our house. This cabinet drives me nuts because it is not the same depth as regular cabinets and things just don't fit nice.  You can even have a piece of paper in there - it is too big!  I also tend to throw stuff up there when I am either too lazy to put it away or I don't know where I should put it.  Here is the before.....

Okay, not the whole before.  See all that empty space?  It was full of stuff - here are a couple pictures of the stuff strewn all over the desk and the counter...Yikes! There are art projects of Jonah's that were supposed to be Christmas gifts to his siblings - luckily, birthdays are coming up!  There are random presents I have bought for the kids for their birthdays, old cellphones, toys I have confiscated and even Jonah's art projects that were supposed to be Christmas gifts to his siblings! Oh my!  

So, I basically took EVERYTHING out of that awful cabinet and cleaned it out! I made piles of the stuff so when it was time to put it back (or move is somewhere else) I had it organized some. I ran downstairs and found some more storage boxes and started dividing things up.  Plus, I got out my label maker so there was no questioning where things belonged.  Check out the after - I am quite proud!

The top shelf are things I need to get to but not every day. On the left are flashlights and 2 boxes of batteries - regular and rechargeables.  They are actually wipe boxes - got to love free! On the right are more wipe boxes and a couple school boxes of labels, rubberbands, staples, extra keys, and electronic accessories.  On the 2nd shelf are cameras (the kids, our old one and the video camera).  On the right is the stapler, tape, makers/white out, label maker and a tin with packing tape, calculators and paper clips.  All very accessible for every day use. 

Of course, I couldn't stop there. The built in desk has a drawer that has some important things but mostly  junk.  I had to go through that too. Here is the did I even find stuff in there!

Check out the after - so much better!

Now I know where everything is and the important stuff is prominent.  Andrew can even find pencils for his homework now without searching!  I still have a cup of pens and scissors on the counter because I just can't trust the little ones with those!

Hmmm....what to organize next! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Feeling Inspired

My cousin Katie had a great inspiring post the other day and basically challenged me to do some thinking about the "stuff" in my life.  I have a thing about stuff.  I like it!  I love to shop for clothes (almost always a bargain too) but frankly, I hold on to things for too long or buy things I don't really need. I have boxes of stuff in my basement of things I can't part with too.  Unfortunately, I am a very organized so thus the stuff doesn't seem so bad.  It is all boxed up and on shelves and I pretty much know where everything is stored.  But, do I really *need* all that stuff?  Definitely not!  So, I felt inspired to so some organizing and purging around here.  I have only just started and there is alot more to be done but it felt great to drop off a van trunkload of stuff at our local LOVE Inc store this morning.  Sadly is was almost all clothes! 

I started with our bedroom closet. I had sweaters that I have had for quite sometime but never wear.  I really looked at everything and tried to simplify. I still feel like I have tons of clothes but my closet is much better and I truly like what is left.  I do plan on looking at it again when we switch seasons (all my summer stuff is in a closet downstairs) and part with more that just did not get worn enough.

Here is the before - do you see ALL those sweaters!  Oh my!  Plus I had taken a stack out before I snapped the picture ( you can see the empty spot on the left bottom shelf)

Here is the bags of stuff I purged from the closet, my dresser and a bin of stuff on the floor of my closet - I filled another bag after this with some coats that were in my front closet too!

Here is the after - I made Nate come in and do his side too and that added to the pile - can you see that my dress shoes are now on the top shelf along with my bags - these were on all the floor.  And I can actually move my clothes around without searching for space!

Here is Nate's side - he actually has empty space on his side now!

It feels so good to get rid of that stuff! I contemplated saving it for a garage sale but I decided that I was better to donate it all.  This is going to the year of just purging and donating.  I know it will feel so great to get all of that unnecessary stuff out of this house!