Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Feeling Inspired

My cousin Katie had a great inspiring post the other day and basically challenged me to do some thinking about the "stuff" in my life.  I have a thing about stuff.  I like it!  I love to shop for clothes (almost always a bargain too) but frankly, I hold on to things for too long or buy things I don't really need. I have boxes of stuff in my basement of things I can't part with too.  Unfortunately, I am a very organized so thus the stuff doesn't seem so bad.  It is all boxed up and on shelves and I pretty much know where everything is stored.  But, do I really *need* all that stuff?  Definitely not!  So, I felt inspired to so some organizing and purging around here.  I have only just started and there is alot more to be done but it felt great to drop off a van trunkload of stuff at our local LOVE Inc store this morning.  Sadly is was almost all clothes! 

I started with our bedroom closet. I had sweaters that I have had for quite sometime but never wear.  I really looked at everything and tried to simplify. I still feel like I have tons of clothes but my closet is much better and I truly like what is left.  I do plan on looking at it again when we switch seasons (all my summer stuff is in a closet downstairs) and part with more that just did not get worn enough.

Here is the before - do you see ALL those sweaters!  Oh my!  Plus I had taken a stack out before I snapped the picture ( you can see the empty spot on the left bottom shelf)

Here is the bags of stuff I purged from the closet, my dresser and a bin of stuff on the floor of my closet - I filled another bag after this with some coats that were in my front closet too!

Here is the after - I made Nate come in and do his side too and that added to the pile - can you see that my dress shoes are now on the top shelf along with my bags - these were on all the floor.  And I can actually move my clothes around without searching for space!

Here is Nate's side - he actually has empty space on his side now!

It feels so good to get rid of that stuff! I contemplated saving it for a garage sale but I decided that I was better to donate it all.  This is going to the year of just purging and donating.  I know it will feel so great to get all of that unnecessary stuff out of this house!

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  1. yay! so great! doesn't life seem just a little bit simpler and less cluttered now?? keep me posted on your future projects - it keeps me going too!