Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blessed by pictures!

When we were in China, Lily's Inner Mongolian Bayannaoer Orphanage gave us this nice photo album with a bunch of picture all labeled in Chinese. My Grandma Lily translated them for me and some of them are hilarious and perfect describe our little girl.  We also received a letter from a special orphanage Lily was at from Jan 2010 until a few weeks before we met her.  It is called Amazing Hands and it is in Bejing.  They are a private Christian orphanage that helps out other orphanages in China by offering more specialized care for those children that need it. I am SO grateful to the Bayannaoer Orphanage for sending Lily there!  The letter contained a necklace for Lily to remind her of God's protective hand upon her and some wonderful words from the director about God's hand in all of our lives.  It also mentioned a CD but it wasn't enclosed.  Luckily, I was able to email the director and since she was coming to the States this fall, she would mail me another copy.  I was SO excited to get the CD today!  It has a bunch of pictures from her time at Amazing Hands plus pictures of the building (that is no longer there - it got demolished and they had to move!) and pictures of her caretaker there.  Lily lit up when she saw the pictures of herself and smiled big, pointing at her Ayi (caregiver). What a wonderful blessing!

Here are a few pictures from the CD that I loved!  Okay, maybe more then a few.....  :)

Amazing Hands Orphanage
The Street
Looking happy with her food
Happy Chinese New Year - holding her red envelope
We recieved 5 pictures from this day already but I love this one - what a face!  I have seen that face quite a few times already!  
Same day - walking along!
Playing at the park - they were celebrating Easter this day 
Love this one!  Her expression and her little belly sticking out - too cute!  She came to us wearing these pants.
This lady is Amy - the founder of Amazing Hands - she mailed us this CD

 Happier on the swing
With her Caregiver - we have quite a few pictures of her caregiver and her name is written down for us too.  Amazing Hands only has a small number of kids so I think she got some great one on one care at times.

All in all we feel so blessed to have these picture for Lily look at.  I am glad that she enjoyed seeing them and did not get upset.  Going through the pictures again I found a video on the CD too!  It shows her walking and trying to stuff a toy in her pocket.  How fun to have that!  I am sitting her just smiling to big.  What a blessing!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Words give a thousand pictures...

Lily has been home for 4 months now and I am amazed at her vocabulary.  She talks all the time and has lots of sentences.  She started saying things like "I want it" after only being home 6 weeks!  And she repeats anything - Andrew had her repeat him while he was counting in Spanish and she said them all!  Just for fun, I thought I would start writing down her vocabulary so here is the start of the list....

Mom/mama (mama, mama, mama, mama - I think you've got the idea!)
Dad/Daddy/Jonah/Andrew/Grandma/Mary Lou/Gracie
Love you
Yup/yea/No/No way/Mine/I want it/I need it/Buy it
Please/Thank you/Sorry/Help
Hi/Hello/How are you/Good Morning/Bye Bye/Stop/Go/Come back/Come on/Nigh Night
Doggie/woof woof
All wet
How did you do that?
See/Okay/Oh/Don't know/I can't/Got it/Here
All done
Get out
Book/Read it
Drink/eat/gum/cheese stick/ham/meat/hot dog/candy/noodles/broccoli/apple juice
Open it
So much
Leave it/Not for you/Bad dog
Have Fun