Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I have not been in the Christmas spirit this year at all!  Usually I am raring to go the weekend after Thanksgiving to decorate the house.  But this year I was just not in the mood!  Probably did not help that I have been sick on and off for a few weeks now.  But, we ended up getting our tree this past Saturday and the anticipation of that helped me take all my fall decorations down and bring out the Christmas decorations.  I have a thing for Christmas nativities and have a small collection now.  They are my favorite decorations and I get sad when I have to put them away in January.  Every year I seem to set everything up differently but I am always happy with how my house looks in the end.  Here are some pics of our setup this year!

The Christmas tree
 This nativity is by Jim Shore - each person has different carving on their bodies, depicting the story of Jesus' birth - this is up in our dining room.

 More Jim Shore but much bigger!  These were given to us by the consistory at Kinderhook Reformed Church - we LOVE them!

Here is our pretend mantel - have to have somewhere to hang the stockings!  The wall hanging was made for us by Nate's mom - one of my favorite things to put up!  I got the stockings new this year from Meijer of all places - only $16 for all 5 of them.  Nate and my stocking are on the same hook as we are short one hook.  That is a good thing!  :)

Here is a close up of that nativity.  It is hand made and given to me one year from my parents. I don't remember the artist but I have it somewhere. 

Here is the display on my cedar chest this year.  A tray of candles, a container of balls and a nativity from Israel.  

Close up of the tray - the tray is from Nate's aunt.  She originally gave me a tea set and Nate's mom found this tray that she thinks went with the tea set.  Nate's aunt has passed away and I love that this is from her.  I added a fun reindeer (Michaels), a bunch of candles I have had for years, a little silver bird (Michaels) and some greenery I cut up from floral stems.  There is also a fun red garland I found at the Fredrick Meijer Gardens and some pine cones. 

 Close up of our olive wood nativity - Nate bought this when he did this January term at Calvin in Israel.

This was the nativity that started it all - made by Demdaco.  It took a few years to get all the pieces but so worth it!  I need some berry branches to put in the vases on the left.

Given to me by my parents one year.  I think it was year we moved here so I didn't get to use it the first Christmas.  It is so little and lovely!

One last nativity - this one given to me by Nate's mom - it is from Africa, purchased from Ten Thousand Villages in their town.  I love it so much I have considered leaving it up all year round!

I love looking at others' Christmas decorations!  Such a wonderful season to celebrate our Lord's birth! 

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  1. love the Nativities! I have a wooden one from the BRIDGE that my great aunt gave us for our wedding so we would remember her every year! (like we would forget )