Monday, November 1, 2010

What I do in my "spare" time....

I haven't had a lot of time for sewing lately but I have managed to get a few things sewn plus some crafts done too. 

Some ruffle pants for Lily - idea from a local seller but I could not get myself to pay $25 for them. I made a pattern from a pair of Lily's pants.
 A couple custom orders from friends to give as gifts - diaper and wipe cases, burp clothes and taggies

Kindle cover I made for a teenage boy at church - I still need to make myself one!

Ladybug bag for Lily to carry during Trick or Treat

Sweater pumpkins - found on a blog somewhere - a few blogs I think.  I bought one orange sweater from our local thrift store for 75cents and the cream is a piece of fabric from the same store for the same price.  I only made 3 pumpkins but I have enough fabric for a whole pumpkin patch if I want.  This does not involve any sewing just fabric, rubber bands and twine. 

Give Thanks Board - idea from Jellybean Junkyard - finished it just in time for dinner tonight!


  1. LOVE YOUR BOARD! Hoping I can share your version of the Give Thanks Board on my blog! Let me know!
    THANKS! Jellybean Junkyard

  2. I would be happy for you to share my board! Thanks for asking!