Monday, August 9, 2010

NOT my Sunday.....

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

McMamma at has a great Monday post called Not Me Monday. Later you can go check her out and see what she and her kiddos have been up to!  

After my day yesterday, I thought it was fitting to join in.... 

I did NOT stay at home yesterday instead of going to church!  Ever good pastor's wife knows that she is supposed to be in church every Sunday - looking put together and having all the kids in perfect order.  What pastor's wife would stay home?

All 3 of my kids were NOT crying simultaneously at 9:10am and I was NOT standing there with a head of wet hair when we were supposed to be getting in the car to go to church. NOT at this house.

I did NOT sit on the computer all morning while my kids played and yelled and cried. Nope, NOT me!

I did NOT sit in sweatpants all day, hide out in my room to read a book and accomplish absolutely nothing.  Not a chance.  

I did NOT blame our horrible Sunday mornings on the devil when explaining our church attendance to my husband.  Nor did I claim that Sunday mornings are my hardest morning all week, every week.  Nope!

Cause that is NOT what good pastor's wives do on Sunday.......and I do NOT feel guilty......


  1. lol! Sunday mornings are the hardest morning of the week for me too! :)

  2. Sometimes, everyone needs a "do nothing" day!

  3. You should not feel guilty at all everyone has there off days and being a parents gives us even more off days. It is nice to have a day to do nothing but deal with kids