Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fruit of the Spirit Summer - Week 8 - Goodness

After looking goodness up in greek to try to understand the difference between goodness and kindness, we noticed that goodness in greek means more like generosity. So, that is what I am going with here.  I didn't want goodness to seem like "works" to the kids so I think generosity helps get ridof that mentality too.

Bible Verses/Story
Matthew 5:16 (New International Reader's Version)
"In the same way, let your light shine in front ofothers. Then they will see the good things you do. And they will praise yourFather who is in heaven.

Luke 3:11 (New International Reader's Version)
 John answered, "If you have extra clothes, youshould share with those who have none. And if you have extra food, you shoulddo the same."

Matthew 18:21-32 (New International Reader's Version) - The Servant Who Had No Mercy/The Unmerciful Servant

I had a hard time think of Goodness/Generosity crafts that were not just like our kindess crafts.  Sorry!  If you come up with any, please share! 

Similar to Kindness – making different crafts –flowers, birdseed cookies, etc to bring to others as gifts

Fruit Association: Bananas
How about make Banana Splits – that sounds pretty"good" to me and would seem very generous to our kids I think! :)

Coloring Pages -

Other Ideas –
How about going through toys and clothes and donating them to Love INC or a mission in your area.

Focusing on sharing for little ones might help them understand better – generosity is sharing without hesitation

Allow each of your children to pick out one (or more!) item each at the grocery store to contribute to the local food pantry.

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