Monday, April 12, 2010

We're a family!

Wow! What a day! The wait was torture and we were in the lobby 30min early. Another American family is here (different agency) to adopt a little boy so we were at least together in this! Sandra our guide showed up and the orphanage workers were not here yet. She was calling them and they arrived right then! They walked in the hotel and we met our kids. Lily was shy from the first moment and shyness turned into crying and screaming when the nanny put her down. Anytime we payed attention to her, tried to offer her toys or food, she just pushed us away. The picture they took of the 3 of us for our official paperwork has her screaming! The caretakers moved into the business center but Lily continued to scream. Hotel workers kept trying to help but we were not handing her over. Trust me, she was not a happy camper! She was screaming, pushing us away, arching her back, and hitting our faces. I left to try to get paperwork done so we could go to our room and Nate did what he could. He soon prayed that Lily would have peace and she konked out in his arms. Praise God! We switched so Nate could do his part of the paperwork and ran up to our room. Why they did not get a meeting room reserved so this did not have to be done in the lobby is beyond me!

After we went to the room, she slept just a little bit. She woke up, opened her eyes, saw me and started crying all over again. This time did not last nearly as long but she kept pointing at the door. Broke my heart to see her so upset! Nate was holding her at one point and I started playing with the toys. She kept watching me out of the corner of her eyes - seeing if she could trust me. After awhile I offered her a little Asian doll we had brought. She grabbed it and that was the breaking point. Nate sat down with her and she continued to watch until I got a little ping pong ball out. I rolled it to her and she threw it back! I almost cried I was so happy to have her interact! Then the cheerios came out and she started feeding Nate and I and herself some. Then we got this.....

The first smiles after an hour and a half of pure crying and screaming! She thought Nate was hilarious when he would make sound effects when eating the Cheerios.

Feeding BaBa some cheerios! I got some too! She even started saying Mama and Baba when she fed us! Praise God!

Playing peek a boo with a little people girl, the ball and smarties. She even started saying Peek a boo while playing! She loved dumping everything out of the cups and even stated stacking them herself!

Loves her bag and puts it on her shoulder after I showed her what is was. She liked to hide things inside and find them again.

We were so happy to have her interacting and smiling and laughing! She ate some noodles with us, and an entire huge orange. Oranges are apparently a favorite according to her nanny. We managed to change her diaper and put her in pjs. We ended up hiding her clothes from her because she started getting a little upset after we got them off. I think she sort of realized she was staying when the clothes came off. We decided to not attempt a bath. Too much good happening and we did not want to upset her again.

The doll that made the breakthrough - she is kissing and hugging it now after putting on her pjs. We did attempt the teeth brushing and she loved it! After we stopped, she asked to do it again. After 30 min of brushing teeth, I took the toothbrush away and she was mad! She started hitting my face but I would tell her "no" and "gentle". She kept doing it so I said a firmer "NO". She looked kind of shocked and then cried. But, she came right to me and I was able to comfort her very quickly. I think she might be used to getting her own way......

We skyped with the boys and she just watched. Andrew was calling her by her Chinese name -he is so sweet! He took a picture of us on Skype to take to school for show and tell. The boys want us home now so they can really meet Lily! I think she is going to give them a run for their money! She is definitely going to hold her own!

She was getting very tired so about 8:30 we hopped into bed (all of us in our bed), she fussed for less then 30 sec, rolled over, put her thumb in her mouth and fell asleep! It is now the next morning at almost 7 and she is still asleep! Praise God!

Some things we are really thankful for today:
Lily is walking with a slight limp but able to get up and down by herself and walk around independently!
She is using both hands and has great dexterity in both. I have not measured but the difference in the lengths is barely noticeable in her arms
She is babbling and repeating tons of words! We would have never thought that she would be repeating English SO quickly! And using some works appropriately already!
Though the screaming is hard, we know that means she was attached to the orphanage worker so we are actually glad for the screaming!
LOVE the smiles and laughs!

Continued prayers please.....

Lily will have to see her caregivers again today to do more paperwork. This time we will be in a meeting room thankfully. But, we know this is going to be hard and upsetting for her. She will not understand when we have to leave the caregivers again and we know she will be upset and cry again. We pray that we will be able to comfort her quickly!


  1. And what a beautiful family you are.She is simply adorable!! We will continue to keep you all in our prayers. We pray Lily continues to feel comfortable with you and your day of more paperwork and seeing her caregivers goes well. Prayers for the boys as well. Love Shelly, Todd, Olivia and Avery

  2. I am soo happy for ya'll!! Her smile is adorable! What a sweetie! Congratulations and we'll be praying for continued bonding and a safe trip home.

  3. Oh my goodness - she is beautiful! It is wonderful to see pictures of you together.