Friday, April 23, 2010

Some time with family!

Since we knew we were spending a day in Shanghai, we arranged to meet my Grandmother's niece WaiWai.

She picked us up today and took us to a wonderful dim sum lunch. I tried dates, plain pumpkin, sweet and sour fish, and bean curd thing along with wonderful dumplings and bbq pork. For dessert she ordered red bean paste pie. I don't usually like red bean paste but this was tasty! Lily refused almost everything except for a pastry that went with the pork and the pie. After lunch we went to a YaYuan garden. It was built by a high official during the Ming dynasty but because he had a dragon built in the gardens he ended up giving it to the emperor as a gift. Dragons are only supposed to be for the emperor. It was very pretty and quite large. Back then they didn't have cement so they used sticky rice to adhere all the stones together - funny huh! On the way back, Wai Wai bought us ticket for the train instead of a taxi. It takes about an hour by taxi - it took 7 minutes by train! The highest speed was 431 km/hr! Crazy! Now we are resting and hopefully will find our Bethany friends that are staying here so we can eat dinner with them. Tomorrow we are headed home! :)

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