Friday, April 23, 2010

Arpil 22 - Long day!

We left Guangzhou but with some difficulties. We were to leave at 5:45pm and did not leave until 11:30pm. There were a bunch of irate passengers so lots of Chinese yelling and screaming at the airport workers. We luckily meet a couple of really nice people that live in Shanghai but are from the UK and another adoptive family that lives in Shanghai but is from MI originally. At least we could keep each other company! Lily did pretty good considering but really it is a day we wish we could forget. We arrived in Shanghai to a Chinese only speaking guide and driver. The driver did not really know where he was going but we got the hotel eventually. The hotel is not great but it is a bed and we were grateful to finally be here! I have more complaints about the day but I think we are just going to move on!

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