Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19th

Thank you for all your prayers! Lily's TB test was negative! Praise God! Of course, the minute she saw a doctor at the clinic, she started to cry. She completely remembered her experience there just a few days ago! A couple kids in our group tested positive but they had clear chest xrays so they are cleared to get their visas! I know their parents were a tad anxious though! Tomorrow our guide will take all our paperwork to the Consulate in order to have Lily's visa started. Wednesday we have to go take an oath regarding the adoption and Thursday we will be able to pick up her visa. It seems like such a slow process - we are ready to go home!

Lily is amazing us every day. Of course, there is still lots of crying, temper tantrums and just unhappiness on Lily's part throughout the day. She is VERY strong-willed and almost any thing can set her off. Many times we have no idea what has set her off. It is almost hilarious at times because she will cry like she is in massive pain but the minute you do what she wants she stops crying instantly. I think some of the temper tantrums are getting better -she is learning that NO is any okay word sometimes. But, now for the amazing..... She is saying so many English words! She started with peek a boo on the first day. She now says gentle, thank you (with signing too!), diaper, along with mama and baba. She will try to repeat us often and does really well. She put on her first pair of squeaky shoes tonight and walked all over the place with amusement. She is very careful - especially with walking. She notices if there is a difference in ground level or type and takes her time. She eats alot of food - especially Cheerios! She likes to have clean hands and will even try to wipe up her spot at the table. She loves to brush her teeth (we have to pry the toothbrush away!) but she hates baths. She sleeps like a champ and once she is asleep we can talk, turn on lights, turn on the tv, etc. Even if she has been angry at us, she wants to be comforted by us. She is quite attached to me, less to Nate but slowly getting there. She has a mind of her own and gets her point across very quickly! She likes girly things (yea!) - we put on a Chinese dress today to try the size and she did not want to take it off!

Please continue to pray about her going potty. She will sit on the chamber pot we bought but it can be a struggle sometimes. We wonder if she has had some bad experiences on the potty at the orphanage? She is still only going potty overnight and then 1-2x a day. Nate's mom is going to call Lily's ped and try to get an earlier appointment when we get home to get her all checked out.

We are ready to come home but know we will have some great experiences still in China. Friday we will be in Shanghai and we will be spending the day with my Grandma's niece WaiWai. I have not seen her since I was in elementary school (I think!) so it will be nice to see her. We are hoping she can take us to see my Grandma's house in Shanghai!

Thank you again for all your prayers! We feel them!

P.S. - since I can't get on my blog, I have no idea what I posted before (too tired to remember!) sorry if I am repeating myself at all! :)

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