Friday, April 16, 2010

April 17th

Today we have to have Lily's medical appointment. I have heard it is pure chaos at the clinic on these days. They will examine her and she will have to have any vaccinations she hasn't had yet. I have heard of kiddos getting 7 shots at once! She will also have her TB test.

Please pray that she will have not have any reactions to the vaccinations! With that many, she can have high fevers, allergic reactions and who knows what else.

Please pray that she will have peace in the midst of the chaos! She is a screamer when she is upset or she does not get her way. We pray that she will be calm and that the vaccinations will not keeps her upset for too long.

Please pray that her TB test is negative. If it is positive, she will have to go through more tests. Chinese kiddos can test positive because they may have had a TB vaccine. We do now know if Lily has had the TB vaccine yet. If she tests positive, it could delay our coming home!

I somehow broke a blood vessel in my left eye and my eye is not feeling the greatest. Pray for patience and healing for me (and Nate) please.

THANK YOU for all the prayers and encouragement! We continue to need them! And truly appreciate them!

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