Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17

Thank you for all your prayers! Lily did well at the medical exam considering she received 4 shots and a TB test. No fever so far so we are hopeful that she is not going to have any reaction from the vaccines. We go back Monday to check the TB test results.

Your many prayers have been answers so we have a strange and sort of personal prayer request - could prayers be said on Lily's behalf that she pee? She only pees overnight and then only 1 or 2x a day. It just does not seem like enough and we are a tad concerned. We bought a chamber pot but she does not like it or toilets. I worry she has a UTI or bladder infection but she does not have a fever or any noticeable pain. Please pray that any bladder problems will be solved and that she will pee normally! I told you it was personal! :)

We are all very tired and off to bed. Tomorrow we go to a folk art museum and then to a park for the kids to play.


  1. Glad to hear the appt. went well. I continue to pray for all of you and hope your eye is feeling better soon, Kristin. Wondering if Lily's infrequency in peeing could have anything to do with her being afraid or anxious because of all the changes. Just a thought. Less than a week now and you will be home :)!

  2. You are most likely correct Belinda but it is so hard not to worry. If she has the disorder we think she has, she has a higher incidence of abdominal tumors - including kidney cancer. Luckily, she started peeing more today so we are glad! We are ready to get home! :)