Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10

     I tried this once and my pictures were too big I guess!  I will just add the one then. I will try to set up Flickr tomorrow for more pictures!

     Today is Lily's 2nd birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY!  Only one more day and then we will meet her!  Here is what has happened since we left.

     Thursday we were woken up at 1am with a call from United saying our flight from GR to Chicago was delayed.  We were actually okay with that as we had barely slept at that point and it gave us a few more hours of potential sleep.  We must have been pumped on adrenaline as we felt like we hardly slept even with the extra hours.  In Chicago we noticed that a couple on our flight from GR was waiting to fly to Beijing too.  They approached us and we found out that we were both adopting (different agencies) and they live quite close to us in Allendale!   Besides the 2 of us, there were at least 5 other families on our flight there are adopting.  One was also from Bethany so we were glad to get to know them before arriving. The flight from Chicago to Beijing was very uneventful.  We had been in different rows but the attendant in GR got us next to each to each other.  She actually put us in Economy Plus (for free!) so we had the extra 5 in of room.  5 inches really makes a difference!  Not much sleeping happened on the flight either.  After being driving to the hotel, we had dinner in the Western restaurant of the hotel.  The couple we had met had joined us too.  We had a hilarious time trying to talk to the poor staff.  We must be confusing people! 

     Today, after the big buffet breakfast, we headed out to the Cloisonné factory.  It took forever to get there because of traffic.  At one point, the bus driver turned off our bus.  Definitely not a good sign… We had been here before but it was still neat to hear how they make cloisonné and watch them work.  After lunch, we headed to the Great Wall.  We got to take a cable car up close to the top and then hike the rest of the way up.  There were SO many people there!  It was crazy!  The Chinese don't understand personal space the way Americans do (our guide even said so!) and so you pretty much had to push and shove your way up to the top.  We hiked mostly with a family from Colorado.  He is quite tall and has a bald head – only said because people notice him. A little girl noticed him and started talking to us.  It appeared that her family was trying to get her talk to us to use her English. She was probably around Andrew's age.   She said hello, asked how we were and our names.  She has this cute panda hat on and we asked if she was a panda.  She promptly took her hat off while saying NO!  We then all exclaimed that she was a girl! Her family must have understood as there was laughing all around.  J 

            Now we are waiting for our pizza to arrive from Pizza Hut. Sad we know!  We wanted something fast (dinner was a long coursed meal last night) since we are so tired. It took quite a long time to get back from the Great Wall and we are ready to sleep. Tomorrow we are going to the Tiananmen Square, Forbidden city and a Hutong tour.  It will be day filled with lots of walking!  Monday morning we fly out and meet Lily in the morning! 

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  1. I'm so excited for you!!! Can't wait to see pics of your beautiful new addition to the family!!

  2. Kristin I am so excited for you guys! I can't read your updates without tearing up! Can't wait for you to actually have Lily in your arms!!

  3. Have a blessed trip!! Can't wait to see pictures of you with lily!!