Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yea! New pictures!

We has asked the orphanage a few weeks ago for an update and with that update we were lucky to have some new photos of Lily! She looks SO different since she has grown so much. She weighs about 20lbs (probably with clothes on!) so she has gained a few pounds since October. She is taking 3-4 steps independently and likes to babble alot.

We think she is adorable of course! And we are so blessed to get these pictures! We are coming Lily!

I love how she is pointing. She looks determined to either get something or to make herself clear.

Little pouty face

A Smile!

Love you already Lily!


  1. Too cute!! Can't wait until she's all settled in and we can do GIRL play dates :)

  2. Oh, Kristin! She has really grown! And she is such a beautiful little girl! I am so excited you got these new photos...can't wait for you to go and get her!

  3. Oh my! What a doll baby...so happy to see Lily on her way to her family!!! :-)