Friday, January 29, 2010

Great place for deals!

I discovered a website that posts our local deals and I now use it weekly! I used to use Savings Angel but I just couldn't justify the cost and the whole "pyramid" thing bothered me. Sarah's Deals is free and not only does she post grocery deals but she also posts about clothing deals, freebies, and how to use some of those great grocery deals you overstocked on. She is also on Facebook and it is nice to get little snipets of the deals throughout the day. Check her out!


  1. Thanks so much for posting about Sarah's Deals!
    PS - I have the button code fixed. It works best if you "add a gadget" on the sidebar of the blog!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I put in the right code now!

  3. Sorry you thought SavingsAngel is some sort of pyramid scheme - not at all - members are paid a referral commission for encouraging and helping their friends - only one level, that's it. Many get their membership for free now that they have four friends joining them in all the saving.