Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally some paperwork movement!

We had a few hurdles but we finally got our I800 approval! Our officer verbally confirmed it and will mail it on Monday. This paperwork says Lily can be adopted by us! We still won't expect our Travel approval for another 6-8 weeks meaning we won't travel until March sometime. But, it is one step closer and for that I am glad.

There is still alot of paperwork steps so still continue to pray for the right people to receive our paperwork and for quick turnaround.
*US immigration sends it to the National Visa Center (NVC) (takes about 10 days).
*NVC cables the US consulate of our approval (takes another 5-10 days)
*US consulate in China gets some paperwork from our agency and takes about 2 weeks to do their approval.
*Our agency representative in China picks up the consulate approval and bring it to the CCAA (China's adoption center)\
*CCAA double checks on Lily to make sure she is still eligible for adoption and her medical condition does not change.
*CCAA issues our Travel Approval

Once I find out we have been cabled, then I am going to ask for an update and hopefully we will get new measurements and some new pictures!

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