Sunday, May 31, 2009


I happen to know quite a few women that are pregnant right now. For some reason, that is making me sad. I don't really understand it since we made the final decision not to have any more biological children and I was fully onboard with that decision. Pregnancy wrecked havoc on my body and Jonah's birth was so traumatic that I was glad to not endure it again.

I am sure it is not the pregnancies but the babies that are making me sad. Others are adding on to their families and we have NO idea how long it will take to add on to ours. We have only officially been waiting for 3 months now but it has been 16 months since we started the process. We actually have to redo some of our paperwork already!

How other families have survived waiting for 3+ years is beyond me! I think of our daughter all the time, dream about her, research special needs, buy her things etc. etc. These are the things that give me hope that she WILL someday join our family. I know I have to wait for God's timing but this waiting is torture and it has just begun......

Spring Beach Day

Mary Lou was over for Memorial day weekend and I know she loves to go to the beach. Of course it was not warm enough to be in the water - or even in bathing suits! - but the kids (and Mary Lou) enjoyed the sand.
The digging begins....
Jonah in the hole and getting very wet
ML by the canal to the lake
Jonah continues to dig - he LOVES the sand!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Aunt Mary Lou took this cute video of Jonah this weekend. I LOVE how he says bicycle and elephant!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why my kids need a dog....

Enough said....

Waiting Child Program

As some of you know, we are open to adopting a daughter that had mild to moderate special needs. When we filled out our paperwork, there was a checklist and we could check the special needs we felt our family could handle. As a nurse, I thought there would be more needs I felt we could handle. One in particular was cerebral palsy. Unfortunately, because we live in pastoral housing, we are unable to handle any need that might require a wheelchair. Some of the needs we felt we could handle were cleft lip/cleft palate, anemia, mild heart conditions, webbed or missing fingers/toes and a few others I can't recall right now. One need that tugged at me was Limb differences. It tugged at me enough that I started doing research and really praying about it. I discussed it with Nate and he was very open. Limb differences can be alot of different things including multiple fingers unusable, a shorter limb, difficulty using certain limbs and others. It does not include missing a complete limb. Since then I have seen various children and adults with limb differences. It is amazing what God shows you when you have your eyes open. Of course we have no idea if our daughter will have a limb disability but I am glad to have learned about it.

On Thursday, Bethany added a new post to their China Blog. They reported that 8 referrals had been made for families that have been waiting over 3 yrs for their child. When they started the process the wait was reported to be 12 months. I am sure these families are estatic to be finally have a referral! Praise GOD!

Bethany also posted about the Waiting Child program. Right now there are 69 families that are waiting for a special needs referral. Here is a direct quote from their blog.

"Of the 69 families, 56 families are hoping for a female referral under the age of four with minor/correctible special needs (boxes checked within the first column of the COP Form). The other 13 families are open to male referrals, female referrals over the age of four years old, or female referrals with more moderate/severe special needs (second or third columns of the COP Form). "

I guess that puts us in the 13 other families because we are open to Limb difference which is in the 2nd column. The max age we are open to at this point is 24months. This is because we would prefer Andrew and Jonah to keep their birth order in our family. As they age, our max age may also increase.

There is more they discuss in regards to both the Waiting Child program and families waiting for referrals. Here is a direct link to their blog.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In case you wondered...

This is what a bag of chips looks like when it is strewn all over the floor.....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spider Monkey Reveal at John Ball Zoo

So John Ball Zoo may not be a big zoo or the nicest zoo but we love going there anyway. It is just the right size for my boys to have fun but not get overwhelmed. We love having a membership so we can go as often as we like. And we don't feel we have to stay there all day so get our money's worth.

the boys' favorite part? - the train

Watching the River Otter

Playing the drums by the Lions

They redid the Spider Monkey enclosure and it is much nicer now with grass, a waterfall, and netting so we can actually see the monkeys. Last year for Andrew's birthday, Nate's parents supported a Spider Monkey in Andrew's name. He got his name on a big sign in the zoo, pictures and a certificate. He loved going to see "his monkey Will". This year he is supporting a rattlesnake.

The Happy Spider Monkeys

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's TULIP TIME! I love Tulip Time and last year I had to make the boys costumes. Luckily they will actually wear them. I made them big enough last year that they fit still this year. Hopefully they will still be able to wear the pants next year if I take out the hem.

Andrew is "almost" too cool for this!

Jonah taking a sniff!

Aren't they cute?!
I did take other pictures of Tulip time but I was trying not to put too many up. We went to Kinderplaats with free tickets and the kids really enjoyed it. I think Andrew would have waited in all the bounce house lines again if I let him. Jonah liked the animals and the bubbles the best. We also went to the kids parade. I love seeing all the kiddos in the costumes!

Going way back.....

Andrew's 5th birthday - he had a class party and enjoyed every second of it. He is continually asking to have his friends over now.
5 seems like such a milestone and I was sad to see Andrew turn 5. We keep telling him to stop growing and getting older! He claims he can't but I think he is hiding something! He is getting too old - reading, riding his bike, and knowing too much!

Jonah's 2nd birthday - here he is playing with his new sink - he LOVES playing in water. Now he can make the mess outside instead of in my bathrooms! He also got a kitchen that he adores. He is constantly making me cookies and muffins. I tend to forget they are hot and he reminds me to blow on the food. He still loves to snuggle and I will hold on to that as long as I can!

Yearly pictures accomplished! For some reason it is very stressful for me to take them to get pictures done. They both cooperated really well and we got a ton of nice pictures.

The kiddos have become obsessed about dogs - much to my dislike..... Nate's sister Mary Lou has a new dog Paco that they love and talk about all the time. Andrew told me to clean up the carpet tonight because we wouldn't want HIS dog to eat the dropped food. He will see dog toys in the store and want to buy them. I am not so sure I want to care for a dog. Guess we will see how long it takes for them to wear me down!

T-Ball as begun! Andrew really WANTS to be in T-ball. I don't find alot of evidence in that since I see him playing with the sand or grass while is in the outfield. I guess they all do that - well, at least the boys do! He does hit the ball well - we just need to work on paying attention so he can run the bases. One ? though - why do we have some games that do not start until 8pm?!?! Way too late for our family but what are you gonna do?

SO, that is my big catch up. These few pictures don't even do that past few months justice but I got to catch up and keep going. I am sure nobody notices I am way behind (since nobody reads this but me!) but I know I will be glad I did this in the end.