Wednesday, November 25, 2009

100 Prayers Quilt Fabric!

I have an insane love of fabric. I could go to a fabric store everyday and just look at fabric! There are so many choices and so many combinations - it just sparks my creativity. It is fun to see the fabrics friends and family are picking out for Lily's quilt.

Cupcake and matching stripes from the Robinsons - Kaitlyn is in Jonah's music class and her parents like to call her "Cake-ers"

Candy fabric and cat fabric from the Konyndyks - Jen is in my Bible study, her daughter Anna is in Andrew's class and Jen also cuts my hair! - Anna had to have the cat fabric but Laken and Jen liked the candy so they bought both!

Flower polka dot and cherry polka dot from our good friends the Brinks! Mitch and Nate went to seminary together but we really got to know them in NY. We always have a great time together! The Brinks also provided one of our adoption references for us!

Blue/yellow/green flowered fabric from the Andrzejewskis - "old" church friends who we love to laugh with! This fabric is used on the corner of one of their kitchen cabinets to protect little heads that might bump into it - "just like God reaching out His hand to protect you" write Jodi on their card. Very sweet!

Wild Boer Day tshirt from Suzanne! Suz was my RD (Resident Director) when I was at Calvin College and I got the privileged of being on her staff when I was a RA (Resident Assistant). We lived in Boer Bennink and Wild Boer day was a crazy day we invented. How sweet of Suz to cut up her "beloved" shirt!

Math/Ruler fabric from Mrs. Gabrielse - Andrew's Kindergarten teacher. This is fabric she has used in her classroom frequently. She was the first person to turn in fabric!

Dark Navy glittery star fabric from Jennie Fewerda at church - she picked it out because it reminded her of the stars in the sky. Check out the awesome Lily she painted on her card! The back says "Of all the blessings of heaven, one of the greatest will be you!".

I love all these fabrics! I especially love the reasons why they were chosen and what they will represent to Lily when she comes home! These show you how varied all the fabrics will be - I hear we may be seeing cow fabric and woodgrain fabic!

THANKS to everyone that is participating in this quilt for Lily! We truly appreciate it and know she will too!

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  1. Please let me know if you would like more squares-I participated in a swap while waiting for Gabe and I have many extra's w/ wishes to share. Just email me.