Saturday, October 31, 2009

What have we done since June? Here is a recap....

Well, obviously I have not been good about updating the blog. Here is a recap of our lives the past 5 months.....

We got a PUPPY! Her name is Gracie and now she is quite a bit bigger then this. Having a dog is quite the experience! Luckily, she is growing up into a smart and mostly good dog.

Went to the beach a few to to hang with Mary Lou one of those times...Andrew loves being buried!

Nate's sister-in-law Brandy was up in Illinois for a few weeks and we got to see each other for a couple days. The kids got along well and it was nice to see them in the summer so they could play outside. Here are the older kiddos at the Morton Arboretum - they look pretty chummy to me!

What is that on Jonah's nose you say? Well, that happens to be white out. He thought it was lotion. It was a pain to get off. What did I think he was doing when he managed to do this to himself? I thought he was napping.....guess not! Mary Lou and I were laughing so hard we had tears!

Adventures at the cottage on Selkirk lake - some of the boys looking at their turtle. Fun times!

Exploring the Grand Rapids Public Museum with Grandma Meldrim - here they are looking at money!

Andrew started KINDERGARTEN!

Jonah is just starting to really play with Andrew. They love to dress up and pretend to be just about anyone. Jonah makes a good cowboy!

Hanging out at the park with friends!

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