Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thursday June 4 - Grand Canyon and Sedona

Andrew desperately wanted to hike the Grand Canyon. Knowing we and the kids did not have the stamina to hike even an hour in the Grand Canyon, we told him we could hike the Bright Angel Trail to the "hole in the Canyon". We could see the "hole" from the rim so we knew it was not too far. We did manage to hike just a tad past the hole but knew we needed to head back. It is much easier to go down then to hike back up.

The "hole" in the Canyon - Bright Angel Trail

Views of the Canyon while we hiked

The trail continues below us...

Jonah sacked out while riding on Nate's back

Hiking our way up

Afterwards we packed up and headed back south to Phoenix. For a change of scenery, we decided to drive down through Sedona. We were amazed at all the large red rock formations. If we even went to AZ without kids, I would love to stay a few days in Sedona. There are tons of shops and art galleries in town and lots of touristy things too. The pictures are not the best quality since they were mostly taken in a moving car! We didn't want to stop and disturb the kiddos.

What the kiddos were up to during the drive....

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