Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Grand Canyon

After a VERY long day yesterday, we enjoyed our day today at the Grand Canyon. The Canyon is spectacular! It is always changing it's colors and you never tire of looking at it. Well, maybe the kids do!

We started off the day by taking the free shuttle to the Visitor's center to check out the programs and get Andrew started on becoming a Junior Ranger. He needed to listen to a Ranger Program and do some workbook pages about how the Grand Canyon makes him feel and draw some pictures. In the end, he made a promise to the Ranger to take care of the Grand Canyon and the earth and received a Junior Ranger badge and certificate. We also went to the Yavapai Observation station that has panoramic views of the canyon. We hiked some along the South Rim, looked through a telescope to see the Colorado River, and had ice cream. All in all, a GREAT day!

All of us at the Entrance

Nate, Andrew and Jonah standing on a big rock

The Spectacular View!
my pictures do not do it justice!

Andrew taking his oath with the park ranger

Andrew loving the Grand Canyon - Junior Ranger badge and walking stick

All smiles

Jonah had to be in the action too!

In the evening

Jonah and me


  1. What great pictures!! It looks just amazing! I hope your trip back is easier then your trip there!!

  2. Great pictures! Absolutely beautiful!