Sunday, May 24, 2009

Waiting Child Program

As some of you know, we are open to adopting a daughter that had mild to moderate special needs. When we filled out our paperwork, there was a checklist and we could check the special needs we felt our family could handle. As a nurse, I thought there would be more needs I felt we could handle. One in particular was cerebral palsy. Unfortunately, because we live in pastoral housing, we are unable to handle any need that might require a wheelchair. Some of the needs we felt we could handle were cleft lip/cleft palate, anemia, mild heart conditions, webbed or missing fingers/toes and a few others I can't recall right now. One need that tugged at me was Limb differences. It tugged at me enough that I started doing research and really praying about it. I discussed it with Nate and he was very open. Limb differences can be alot of different things including multiple fingers unusable, a shorter limb, difficulty using certain limbs and others. It does not include missing a complete limb. Since then I have seen various children and adults with limb differences. It is amazing what God shows you when you have your eyes open. Of course we have no idea if our daughter will have a limb disability but I am glad to have learned about it.

On Thursday, Bethany added a new post to their China Blog. They reported that 8 referrals had been made for families that have been waiting over 3 yrs for their child. When they started the process the wait was reported to be 12 months. I am sure these families are estatic to be finally have a referral! Praise GOD!

Bethany also posted about the Waiting Child program. Right now there are 69 families that are waiting for a special needs referral. Here is a direct quote from their blog.

"Of the 69 families, 56 families are hoping for a female referral under the age of four with minor/correctible special needs (boxes checked within the first column of the COP Form). The other 13 families are open to male referrals, female referrals over the age of four years old, or female referrals with more moderate/severe special needs (second or third columns of the COP Form). "

I guess that puts us in the 13 other families because we are open to Limb difference which is in the 2nd column. The max age we are open to at this point is 24months. This is because we would prefer Andrew and Jonah to keep their birth order in our family. As they age, our max age may also increase.

There is more they discuss in regards to both the Waiting Child program and families waiting for referrals. Here is a direct link to their blog.

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  1. Bless you for being open to a Waiting Child. Our Gabe was on the shared list. God knows your little girls face!!! I can't wait to follow you to her!!