Sunday, May 31, 2009


I happen to know quite a few women that are pregnant right now. For some reason, that is making me sad. I don't really understand it since we made the final decision not to have any more biological children and I was fully onboard with that decision. Pregnancy wrecked havoc on my body and Jonah's birth was so traumatic that I was glad to not endure it again.

I am sure it is not the pregnancies but the babies that are making me sad. Others are adding on to their families and we have NO idea how long it will take to add on to ours. We have only officially been waiting for 3 months now but it has been 16 months since we started the process. We actually have to redo some of our paperwork already!

How other families have survived waiting for 3+ years is beyond me! I think of our daughter all the time, dream about her, research special needs, buy her things etc. etc. These are the things that give me hope that she WILL someday join our family. I know I have to wait for God's timing but this waiting is torture and it has just begun......

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  1. Hey Kristin, just found your blog after a while- it's interesting to hear you write this as an adoptee myself but at the same time, know that God is redefining you through this process as well..(a mother of all things) :) And, your desire to be one is huge. Take it from someone who didn't plan any of her kids and now she's standing in front of the great responsibility that consistently changes her...daily. okay.