Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Going way back.....

Andrew's 5th birthday - he had a class party and enjoyed every second of it. He is continually asking to have his friends over now.
5 seems like such a milestone and I was sad to see Andrew turn 5. We keep telling him to stop growing and getting older! He claims he can't but I think he is hiding something! He is getting too old - reading, riding his bike, and knowing too much!

Jonah's 2nd birthday - here he is playing with his new sink - he LOVES playing in water. Now he can make the mess outside instead of in my bathrooms! He also got a kitchen that he adores. He is constantly making me cookies and muffins. I tend to forget they are hot and he reminds me to blow on the food. He still loves to snuggle and I will hold on to that as long as I can!

Yearly pictures accomplished! For some reason it is very stressful for me to take them to get pictures done. They both cooperated really well and we got a ton of nice pictures.

The kiddos have become obsessed about dogs - much to my dislike..... Nate's sister Mary Lou has a new dog Paco that they love and talk about all the time. Andrew told me to clean up the carpet tonight because we wouldn't want HIS dog to eat the dropped food. He will see dog toys in the store and want to buy them. I am not so sure I want to care for a dog. Guess we will see how long it takes for them to wear me down!

T-Ball as begun! Andrew really WANTS to be in T-ball. I don't find alot of evidence in that since I see him playing with the sand or grass while is in the outfield. I guess they all do that - well, at least the boys do! He does hit the ball well - we just need to work on paying attention so he can run the bases. One ? though - why do we have some games that do not start until 8pm?!?! Way too late for our family but what are you gonna do?

SO, that is my big catch up. These few pictures don't even do that past few months justice but I got to catch up and keep going. I am sure nobody notices I am way behind (since nobody reads this but me!) but I know I will be glad I did this in the end.

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